December 17,2020

Blue Sky and White Waves is Your Understanding of the Mediterranean Decoration Style?

by Jennifer Cameron inMediterranean Style

Nowadays, more and more young people choose the Mediterranean decoration style as their home decoration style in order to pursue a free and romantic atmosphere. For people who have always lived in landlocked countries, the Mediterranean style is completely new and novel. So how to decorate to ensure the uniqueness of its Mediterranean style without forming too much contrast with the outside world? Here's a look at this pre-Renaissance Mediterranean style of decoration in Western Europe.

Many people think that the Mediterranean style is the blue and white combination represented by the large sea and sky. But this understanding is too one-sided. White and blue are indeed the dominant colors of the Mediterranean style. But in Mediterranean style, the element of pure and simple color of nature is more than these apparently. Broadly speaking, the Mediterranean style is a fusion of Byzantine, Roman, Greek, African and other art forms. Not only are we familiar with Italy, Spain, but you wouldn't expect Syria, Lebanon. Not pure blue and white can be summed up completely. So we have a lot of choice on space colour collocation. For bright and romantic, the Spanish Cote d 'Azur and its white sand beaches are perfect. To pursue nature and comfort, choose the earthy yellow and reddish brown shown in the natural landscape of North Africa. It is steady and simple, which makes people feel natural and simple. As shown below, the simple white and ground colors are complementary to the Mosaic color tiles. In advanced mixed intimacy, also can interpret Mediterranean style perfectly.

If you have been to the Mediterranean coast. You will find that there are a large number of circular and arched applications both at home and abroad. But in the Mediterranean typical building, they extremely use arch window, arch, arch door and other curved shape. This feature can increase the transparency of the interior space and the beauty of simple lines. In life, it can be said that exotic flavor. In addition, the exposed beam is also an important element of the Mediterranean style. Let the combination of beams on the top intersperse to form a rich structural beauty. Don't cover the beam with a suspended ceiling. The whole space will feel more dynamic.

On the detail, furniture does old processing mean through brushwork, put shell, cobblestone and other, plus the ornament of Epipremnum aureum, show natural and pure and fresh life atmosphere. To bookshelf counter, natural log, natural stone material can be chosen, show natural and simple sense. That's the introduction to Mediterranean style. The specific decoration should be measured according to their own space. When the floor height is not enough, the area is small. If you have a lot of arch elements, it will not be worth the loss.

  • Jennifer Cameron
  • December 17,2020

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