December 17,2020

Mediterranean Style Decoration with Regional and Natural Characteristics

by Jennifer Cameron inMediterranean Style

Knowing from the name, the Mediterranean style originated in the Mediterranean region. It is a unique style formed in Western countries during the Renaissance. It has gone through the Great Depression in various industries such as culture and art. Everyone has different preferences, and the styles of home decoration are also diverse. Generally divided into modern minimalist style, Chinese decoration style, pastoral style, simple European style and Mediterranean style. Each style has its own characteristics and is loved by different people. The Mediterranean style exudes freedom and romance. It has attracted many favorite eyes with its bright colors and idyllic affinity. Why do we say that it has great regional and natural characteristics?

In line decoration, it pursues simplicity and clarity. And be able to return to the basics. The renovated room gives people a leisurely and natural life feeling. In terms of color, it mainly uses those soft colors that are the same as nature. The color matching is mainly blue, white and yellow, or blue violet, green, earthy yellow and reddish brown. These colors represent a lot. They represent the blue sea and white sandy beaches of Spain. They represent the blue-violet lavender of southern France. They represent the white villages on the sea of love in Greece. Represents the Italian yellow sunflower field. They also represent the yellowish deserts and reddish brown rocks of North Africa. This combination brings romance and freedom into full play. Finally, in terms of structure, three elements are the most common. They are porch, round arch and hollow. In Mediterranean architecture, circular arches usually use multiple connections. Or it will adopt a vertical handover. This way is very ornamental. Then, it was matched with Baroque retro brick and wooden furniture. This not only makes the entire space appear transparent. It also allows romance to fill every corner of daily life.

There is another detail in the decoration of Mediterranean style. That is to use distressed decorative items. And add green plants to decorate it. This can show the vicissitudes of architecture. Because it has gone through the vicissitudes of time in the passage of time. It also brings the vitality of plants in nature. These contrasts are not felt in other home improvement styles. In fact, the Mediterranean style combines simple lines with bright colors. It is most easily accepted by young people. Run around for a day. Then go home. You can see the blue of the ocean and the pure white of the sky. A pot of green plants on the bookshelf or a few shells on the partition. The whole person seemed to breathe gently on the beach with the salty sea breeze. This style makes myself feel casual. When entertaining guests, it can make people shine and linger. Some friends have said that the decoration of his home is Mediterranean style. Every time he goes home. He has the feeling of being in a resort. How amazing!

  • Jennifer Cameron
  • December 17,2020

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