September 21,2020

The importance of color matching in idyllic decoration

by Jennifer Cameron inGarden Style

In this fast-tempo society, people have more and more pressure in life. More and more people yearn for idyllic leisure. Most people choose to decorate their homes in idyllic style. Pastorale is a manifestation of returning to nature, like wood door, retro printing wallpaper, ceramic pots, wood sofa and so on. There are also carpet with coarse cloth and green plants in their home. People try not to keep things which are too modern. Everything gets close to nature and origin.

Idyllic style differs in different countries. Hence color matching is different as well. It is important to know color matching before you do the idyllic decoration. Let’s talk about British pastorale first. British idyllic furniture are mainly made with costly birch and walnut in off-white and ivory-white. Inside of the furniture are always fiber boards. Elegant shape with delicate and fluent line is just like an elegant grown-up woman with elegant vitality. British pastorale is a typical representation in idyllic style. Cloth is mainly floral and striped.

Next is American idyllic style. American idyllic style is usually rural style in white and brown with concise decoration. It is mainly wood decoration. American idyllic style uses more wood furniture. With the addition of a fireplace, it seems that you are reading a touching novel. American idyllic style is based on comfort. They mainly use original material. It makes the whole room filled with the natural smell of sunshine, grass and dew.

Then we will talk about Chinese idyllic style. Chinese idyllic style is based on picturesque culture tradition. Along with it is warm color and wood decoration. The base color is always golden yellow. They mainly choose wood, stone, rattan, bamboo, fiber and some other natural material in decoration. Decorations are always with rattan, plants, porcelain, pottery and so on.

In idyllic decoration, furniture are mainly milky-white, light green and coffee. British and American idyllic style is always with some British and American element. Furniture are always grant, contracted and simple. Colors should not be too complicated. In a word, furniture should be in consistent with the whole decoration. Idyllic style is natural, comfortable and warm. It is mainly in light colors and it could not be too colorful.

For house in idyllic style decoration, walls are always in idyllic colors. Mint green, sky blue, wheat yellow, watermelon red are all great choices. These colors are close to idyllic style. To use these colors in wall decoration and matching can make people fell more idyllic. It will look nicer to add a little more accessories on it.

  • Jennifer Cameron
  • September 21,2020

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