September 20,2020

What are the Essential Elements of French Pastoral Style Decoration?

by Jennifer Cameron inGarden Style

The French pastoral style uses warm and simple colors and plain furniture. The design center is based on the traditional concept of respecting nature and putting people first. Use design elements that make people feel friendly to create a comfortable and natural sensory effect. The French pastoral style belongs to the natural style series. The casual and natural decoration methods make home have characteristics of European classical country. And the focus of the design is the natural flavor of the decoration. It also has the generous and unpretentious collocation. Light French pastoral will not be as rough as American pastoral. It will not be as cumbersome and intense as the English pastoral. It is a little more freshness of nature, and a little more romance of Provence.

The key to the design of French pastoral style is that the indoor space structure needs to be open and symmetrical. In the elegant background color, the space is decorated with carved lines and patterns, which can show meticulous style. And the use of curves makes the whole very elegant. The decorative patterns on the wall are arranged in a symmetrical form with Roman window curtains. Wood, fabric, stone, rattan, bamboo and other natural materials are used to reflect the freshness and elegance of the countryside. And wallpaper, antique bricks, fabric sofas, wooden floors, etc. are used to create a pastoral atmosphere. The more important thing in the decoration is color determination. Because it is related to whether there will be aesthetic fatigue.

Decorative elements are also very important. Flowers, green plants and elegant fabrics of various colors can be seen everywhere in the French pastoral style. Wildflowers are the best accessory in French pastoral style. Because it most directly conveys a natural atmosphere and a feeling of touching the earth. The elegant floral curtains hanging on the windowsill in living room are very relaxing. Pink-green wall and the lavender wall in the bedroom can soothe the mood. With small floral home textiles and tablecloths of the same color series making us happy. The rustic style requires more casual accessories. Pay more attention to nostalgic mood, old things with stories are the best accessories.

In color matching, bright colors are used to create a smooth sense of space. The French pastoral style is full of natural features. It is very harmonious with the natural colors of yellow and green. Place green plants to greatly change the atmosphere of the house. Different colors of the same color series such as pink green, pink blue, and pink purple can be used for decoration. Then coordinate the match by embellishing pale pink. If more than three colors are used in a room at the same time, the space will appear fragmented.

The French pastoral is one of the representatives of the strongest humanistic customs and home life characteristics. Therefore, the decoration with the same characteristics is generally called French pastoral style. So what kind of person prefer to decorate their house into French pastoral style? It's probably people who yearn for a slow life and like the natural, elegant and simple colors. Or ones who can not afford high costing in decoration, but can pretend to have taste and style.

  • Jennifer Cameron
  • September 20,2020

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