October 11,2020

Make an Inventory of the Characteristics and Design Elements of Pastoral Style Decoration

by Jennifer Cameron inGarden Style

Decoration is an important thing for each family. After all, the probability of replacing it once more after decoration does not exist. So it is necessary to determine the overall style and design ideas before decoration. Today, let's talk about the characteristics of pastoral style decoration and its design elements in brief.

At present, there are as many as 12 mainstream decoration styles. Among them, the pastoral style is quite distinctive. The color matching and some matching elements in especial. The pursuit is to return to nature and combine nature.

In the 1970s, people felt boring about the fixed decoration style. I want to return to the sunny, fresh air and relaxing living environment. People are shuttling back and forth in the city and living a busy life. This adds to people's yearning for their hometown and suburban farms. People began to pour this emotion into furniture furnishings and decorative elements. A great number of natural elements are applied to home decoration. This is the background of pastoral style.

Pastoral style has five categories. They are Chinese pastoral, French pastoral, English pastoral, American rural and South Asian pastoral.

1. Chinese Pastoral Style

Chinese pastoral style gives people a more primitive feeling. People prefer use screens, scrolls, porcelain and other decorations. The color tone of decoration is golden yellow, matching the natural color of wood. The addition of bonsai can embellish the space with some green. Cotton and linen fabrics make the home feel more natural.

2. French pastoral style

There are three main components of French pastoral: floral patterns, fabric and ornaments. Bold color matching is a major feature of French pastoral. The classical texture of furniture after whitewashing is unforgettable. The fabric used for decoration is exquisite. Most of the fabric are made by hand. Colorful flower elements are full of yearning for nature. The details at the foot of the table and chair show the romance and elegance of the French.

3. English Pastoral Style

The main design elements of decoration include: broken flowers, stripes and Scottish patterns. English pastoral prefer to use milky white furniture and pure hand carving. Soft clothing is made of floral patterns and pure cotton fabrics. Elegant rural desk lamps are important components. The emphasis of English pastoral style is on soft clothing. It can make people get a natural and fresh overall feeling.

4. American country style

This style of decoration is indispensable to the elements of natural stone, wood and rattan and bamboo. People will place some natural green plants in room to create a natural and simple feeling. The decorative color is elegant slate color. Furniture has a large volume. But it is simple. The American rural style is not as complicated and luxurious as the French rural style. But it rather pursues comfort and freedom.

5. South Asian Pastoral Style

Masonry, rattan, bamboo and hemp rope are common things in South Asia's rural decoration. The main hue is brown. There are furniture and decorations made of rattan, teak and coconut shells. It is essential to place green plants in room. Cotton and linen fabrics filled the whole room. South Asia's rural areas pay attention to drawing materials from nature and being close to nature.

Some people feel boring of the unified decoration without emotion. And they want to return to the natural environment. Pastoral style decoration is a good choice. The moment you step into the house, you can relax your mind and body.

  • Jennifer Cameron
  • October 11,2020

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