December 17,2020

The Idea of European Decoration Style

by Jennifer Cameron inEuropean Style

People have more and more choices in modern home decoration style. Modern simplicity style, Chinese classic style, pastoral style and Japanese luxury style are very sought-after. Among those, European decoration style has to be mentioned. European decoration style is popularized. Due to the constant development of film and television culture industry. The spread of film and television affects its audiences. More and more people are deeply fascinated in European decoration scenery. Now, let’s have a discuss about what European decoration is.

European decoration, as its name shows, is the decoration style with dense European style. French decoration, Italian decoration and Mediterranean decoration are all European decoration style. Nordic decoration that attracts high attention in recent years belongs to it as well. Among those decoration styles, some are simple and elegant. It emphasizes in lines and colors. Some are mainly exquisite luxury. It is filled with aristocratic colors. In a whole, European decoration has wide varieties and different characteristics. You need to choose appropriate decoration style in furniture choices according to circumstances. Only in this way can you get the best decoration effect. Now we will list several typical European decorations for your reference.

1. French decoration.

French decoration is always the synonym of romance and high-end. It shows delicacy and charm of aristocrats everywhere. There are a lot of lines of carve patterns in French decoration. It pursuits the inner link of colors. To observe carefully, you will see that every decoration detail is delicate and fastidious.

2. Italian decoration.

Italian decoration style is basically Ancient Greece and Roman style. It is simple but filled with humanity and art beauty. You can find many elements of traditional Roman architecture if you observe Italian decoration carefully. For example, you will see elements of Gothic architecture, vertical columns and hook and round face. Among those, there would be certainly many carved elements. But the carve patterns would be simpler and elegant.

3. Mediterranean decoration.

Mediterranean decoration is the product of the rise of Western art after Renaissance. The social mainstream at that time is the pursuit of humanity and freedom. So the whole decoration style is live. The main character is living comfort and aesthetic freedom. The furniture style is more pastoral. It would fit in the beauty contrast of Mediterranean along the line. It gives you a natural comfortable feeling.

4. Nordic decoration.

Nordic decoration style is the decoration style that most modern young people like. The core idea is simple, natural and humanized. The pace of modern life is rapid and per capita pressure is high. More and more people like to make hard things simple. It becomes the main life style of the new generation of young people. The simple and elegant Nordic style gains more attention and is more favored.

Of course, there are British style, Spanish style. And some other styles in European decoration style. Most European decoration is more suitable for large houses. To choose European decoration style would give you a wide and clear feeling. If the house is small, you can just choose Nordic design style. It can make the visual area bigger.

  • Jennifer Cameron
  • December 17,2020

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