September 14,2021

How to Choose the Necessary Sofa Beds for Small Apartments

by Jennifer Cameron inMediterranean Style

Because each family has different apartment types, many people will consider practicality when choosing furniture. Especially for small family, multifunctional sofa bed is good furniture. Sofa bed is the combination of bed and sofa. It can provide more convenience for people's life. The sofa bed can be used as a seat as well as a bed to place bedding and store various items. When relatives and friends come to parties, it can avoid the need to rent a house. It can provide more time for everyone and save money.

Many people have no experience when buying sofa beds for the first time. This results in quality problems such as collapse and uneven after several years of use. Therefore, we should pay attention to many details when purchasing. Let's introduce how to choose a sofa bed.

. Look at the Quality.

1. Look at the frame. Many sofa beds will be made of solid wood and metal frame. Wooden frames can give people a comfortable feeling. They have good affinity. For wooden frames, anti-corrosion and mothproof materials should be selected to increase stability. Do not choose wood with scars, such as pine and fir, so as not to affect the later use effect. Iron frames have strong load-bearing capacity. This can well solve the service life of it in later use. The price is cheaper than solid wood sofa bed. It is the choice of many people.

2. Look at the fabric. Sofa fabrics are mainly leather and fabric. The leather sofa looks shiny and has fine and elastic lines. This kind of fabric is mostly genuine leather and is expensive. At present, fabric materials are the main materials on the market. The price is cheap for most people. The color is rich. It is thick, wear-resistant and breathable. Later disassembly and cleaning are easy. This is convenient for people to use in later period.

3. Look at the filler. Most of the fillers inside sofas are sponges. When choosing, you must choose a high-density sponge. Otherwise the elasticity of the sofa will be affected in the later period. You should select sponge with high resilience. Too soft sponge is not conducive to the bone development of children at home.

4. Look at the spring type. Most sofas will use serpentine springs. The sofa cushion will be equipped with independent springs. This kind of spring is more comfortable.

. Shopping Skills

1. Look at the size. See if the reserved position is suitable for the overall size of the sofa bed. If you want a sofa bed that you can sit and travel, the depth of its seat should be between 48 and 55 cm.

2. Look at stability. When choosing a metal frame sofa bed, it is necessary to pay attention to whether some welds are smooth, firm and free of gaps. The sofa bed with solid wood frame can open the cloth at a corner to check whether there is no scar or smell. The joint between solid wood and solid wood is fixed with nails or mortise and tenon structures. If the mortise or notch is used to bite each other and then glued firmly, there should be no problem.

3. Look at flexibility. The deformation of sofa bed is nothing more than turning over and pushing and pulling. The combination sofa sometimes adds pulleys to facilitate movement. You can feel it with your own hands when purchasing. Push and pull the sofa bed or open and close it several times to feel whether it is smooth and stable. A qualified sofa bed must be smooth.

The above is the skill of choosing sofa beds for the small apartments arranged for everyone. I hope it can help everyone when purchasing.

  • Jennifer Cameron
  • September 14,2021

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