August 04,2022

Tips for 6 Hardest Places to Clean in a Shower Room

by Jennifer Cameron inEuropean Style

When cleaning a shower room, there are some places that are more difficult to reach and clean than others. In this blog post, we will discuss the six hardest places to clean in a shower room, and provide tips and tricks on how to make the process easier!

Shower Ceiling

If the ceiling is too high, you need to prepare another ladder. Dry-wipe with dust paper first, then wipe with a slightly damp rag. When wiping, you can also use a flat mop to hold a rag, which is convenient and labor-saving to wipe, without climbing up and down.

Shower Bathtub

It should be noted that unless the bathtub is made of scratch-resistant ceramic, it cannot be brushed directly with a steel ball. In particular, the massage bathtub is mostly made of acrylic material, which is particularly easy to damage and needs to be scrubbed with a flannel sponge. In addition, if the bathtub is used as a shower, soap scum will accumulate. To clean the soap scum and water stains in the bathtub, it is necessary to spray the bathtub tiles with citric acid solution directly on the bathtub after taking a bath. After a period of time, rinse with clean water to reduce the formation of soap scum and water spots.

Shower Floor

When cleaning the shower floor, it is recommended that you apply soap scum special cleaner in the shower every night before going to bed, just use your foot to step on the sponge and apply it all over the floor, and the gap between the floor tiles should also be covered with detergent. Wait the next day, and then rinse the shower floor with clean water after taking a shower.

Shower Glass

After spraying the soap scum cleanser diagonally on the glass in the shower, take a sponge and apply it evenly, let it sit for at least 5 minutes, brush first, then wipe, and finally dry with a spatula. Don't think it can be flushed with just the water from the shower hose, it just disperses the cleaner. If there is stubborn dirt, you can buy a commercial glass cleaner. Regularly wiping the glass door with a soft cloth dampened with a commercial glass cleaner will also prevent soap scum from building up.

Shower Hose

When it comes to cleaning a shower hose, the material of the hose will determine the best cleaning method. If the hose is made of metal, then vinegar or a metal cleaner can be used. However, if the hose is made of plastic, then a mild soap and water solution should be used. Once the appropriate cleaning solution has been determined, simply apply it to the shower hose and scrub away any dirt or build-up. In order to prevent future build-up, be sure to rinse off the shower hose after each use, so you can keep your shower head hose clean and free of any grime.

Shower Head

Over time, mineral deposits can build up on shower heads, reducing water pressure and making it difficult to get a good shower. There is an easy way to clean a shower head and remove these deposits. Simply remove the shower head and soak it in vinegar overnight. In the morning, rinse off the vinegar and reattach the shower head. If you can't remove the shower head, you can still clean it by filling a plastic bag with vinegar and attaching it to the shower head with a rubber band. In this way, the shower head can be refreshed and the water output can be increased.


Now that you know the hardest parts of the shower and how to clean, make sure to use these tips the next time you tackle this cleaning job! thanks for reading!


  • Jennifer Cameron
  • August 04,2022

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